Introducing the Intelligent JetBridge Safety Shoe® (iJSS) with remote monitoring, alarm status and detailed auto Alert reporting SMS/text WiFi or ethernet.

The intelligent JetBridge Safety Shoe® Controls will instantly report faults, activations, warnings and equipment status including auto level status/timeouts etc.. via SMS (text message) to key personnel of aircraft-door contact to the Safety Shoe sensor (under the aircraft door) when the PBB is in Auto-Leveler mode and an aircraft at the gate. It can also alert to other high-value alerts as it is equipped with additional general purpose inputs and has a MODBUS-RS485 interface. Contact us for additional information.

Open Aircraft Door Protection & Bridge Auto-Leveler Backup
Installed on any type JetBridge (Relay or PLC). Avoid costly PLC upgrades or programming, Can also be retrofitted to Catering Trucks, Passenger Air Stairs and Cruise Line passenger boarding bridges.
Addresses Auto-Level timeouts on newer type stretch aircrafts during loading/unloading imbalance challenges.

Intelligent or Standard JetBridge Safety Shoe® Kit setup, including aircraft door sensor PBB interface and Black Box:

The Jetbridge Safety Shoe® Kit protects open Aircraft doors while docked to the Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB). This is our true original design from decades, now upgraded to support older and modern PBB’s at airports worldwide.

The primary purpose is to backup the Auto-Leveler in case of failure, malfunction, or timeout. The JetBridge Safety Shoe® sensor will automatically lower the PBB‑Cab floor to avoid damage to the Aircraft Door. The Black Box will sound an Alarm to alert the PBB operator or other personnel to the sensor activation.

At a minimum (primarily), theIntelligent Jetbridge Safety Shoe® (iJSS) time-stamped SMS/etc “Alerts” will provide Safety-Shoe/PBB/gate location and “PBB-down” per Safety-Shoe sensor activation as well as other relevant status such as PBB operations mode (Operate/Off/Auto-Level), aircraft parked at gate, Safety-Shoe cable damage, and alarm (duration & status) etc…

Further down the road (secondarily), we can accommodate status reporting for other equipment status in and around the JetBridge critical to Safety-Shoe or general flight operations.  The “SMART Safety-Shoe” hardware currently supports the future ability to report alarm status of PC Air, GPU, or other equipment as well as any status such as critical-limits of the JetBridge/etc needing maintenance or other action to continue flight operations.

JetBridge Safety Shoe® Features:

  • Plug & Play: Installs to any existing Jetbridge within 1-2 hours.
  • Usable on all JetBridges: Relay or PLC logic types supplied with any Voltage needed A/C or D/C.
  • No Need for costly PLC programming: All PBB interface settings are incorporated as designed in our Black Box and DIN Rail SSh to PBB electronics.
  • Control of Auto-Leveler arm Retraction to avoid potential PBB-Up/Down conflict if the Auto-Leveler resumed proper operation after a Safety-Shoe® activated PBB-Down action. Technically, the arm will remain in a retracted state until Auto-Leveler mode is restored on the PBB controls.  However, it can be assumed that the Auto-Leveler has become irrelevant if/when the JetBridge Safety-Shoe® sensor is activated and needs to take over PBB-Down control.
    Other designs might claim a Retract/Extend feature but the point is moot if the Auto-Leveler has failed or timed out.
  • Transportable: JetBridge Safety Shoe® is easy to install or relocate installation to other JetBridge should airline relocate gate (if same voltage).
  • Addresses Auto Leveler timeout that restricts PBB-Down motion (common to A321, B737-900 or other).(All other marketed sensors do not address timed out Auto-Level the end up crushing their sensor or worse damaging aircraft door).
  • Installed on Catering or other Aircraft Service trucks with wide platforms.
  • Designed to work with A/C or D/C any required Voltage: JetBridges or Catering & Service trucks.
  • Enhanced Version: Includes alarm when PBB set to OFF mode or unattended, while docked to aircraft (not in Auto-Level mode).
  • Auto-Leveler time out Relay kit: Option for some JetBridge versions.

What makes our original JetBridge Safety Shoe® different from others:

  • Portability: Can be easily installed within one hour or removed and re-installed to other PBB or Catering vehicle.
  • This is our original design that handles multiple sensor activation (competitors have a one and done design requiring costly replacement of damaged sensor or resulting in damage to aircraft door).
  • No expensive PLC upgrading or programming vs competitors expensive PLC programming or costly PLC component upgrades with no airline operation downtime.
  • Simple less intimidating installation, on average installs within 1-2 hours average we supply connectivity as per JetBridge electrical as built schematics.
  • Designed to work on aircraft service trucks, catering trucks and any type JetBridge, works with any desired Voltage.
  • Easy to adjust timer for multi platform drops vs PLC programing required.

Safety Shoe Price List (US$ FOB our warehouse):

  • Intelligent JetBridge Safety Shoe® (iJSS) Kit, sensor & Black Box: $6,895.00 (kit includes Aircraft detection sensor, remote reporting Alerts SMS or MODBUS/RS485 interface (general purpose Inputs) (requires PBB DIN  Rail interface and required cables)
  • Standard Plug & Play JetBridge Safety Shoe® kit sensor & Black Box: $3,895.00 (requires PBB DIN  Rail interface and required cables)
  • Enhanced Plug & Play (with Aircraft detection) JetBridge Safety Shoe sensor® & Black Box: $4,295.00 (requires PBB DIN  Rail interface and required cables)
  • Required PBB Interface kit DIN Rail mount for any type Safety Shoe, mounts inside PBB operator console: Voltage and wiring supplied for any type/make PBB: $695.00
  • Required Cables for DIN Rail PBB interface Kit (4) pre-assembled and labeled: $350.00
  • Replacement Safety Shoe® sensor with coiled cord (yellow) specify for A.C.E.S., Inc. JBT or Thyssenkrupp wiring, with CURT quick Disconnect $850.00 each

In Stock, pending prior sales otherwise 4- 5 weeks ARO.

P.S.: Our original brand Safety Shoe® sensors are superior and interchangeable with JBT, Thyssenkrupp or all other PBB types, we address cable break with optimal internal wiring for ultimate sensing.

The Safety Shoe sensor and Black Box electronics provides backup to the Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) Auto-Leveler function and has the following features:

  1. Flexible for use on various PBBs equipped with PLC or older relays type.
  2. Does not require update of PBB Operator Console PLC re-configuration or re-programming.
  3. Automatic self-test at each operation (when PBB is set to Auto-Level mode ON).
  4. Self-contained alarm not coupled to the general PBB-alarm.
  5. Adjustable timeouts for single and multiple “Safety Shoe” sensor activations.
  6. Easy to install, plug & play.

The Safety Shoe Bridge Auto-Leveler Backup and Aircraft Door Protection is simple to operate as follows:

  1. Set the Bridge/PBB in “Auto-Leveler” mode.
  2. Place the “Safety Shoe” sensor under the aircraft door (as shown).
  3. Push the red “Alarm Reset” button to confirm “Safety Shoe” sensor & “Auto-Leveler” are ready.

Download the latest Safety Shoe Manual


Watch Video JetBridge Safety Shoe®

JetBridge Safety Shoe® Black Box Standard

JetBridge Safety Shoe® Black Box Enhanced with Aircraft Detect

Safety Shoe to PBB Interface DIN-Rail

JetBridge to Safety Shoe interface PC Board (DIN Rail mount)