Airport Ground Support Equipment

GSE Equipment Installation, Saber feed Airline/Airport communication connectivity, parts replacement, repairs and Preventative maintenance.

Customers/Hubs: American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta Airlines, Servicing all Major National & International Airports and North & South America and the Caribbean.

  • Installation, Commissioning & full Maintenance of Aircraft Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS)
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) and replacement Parts (Safegate, Jetway (JBT), Wollard, Thyssen)
  • JetBridge Safety Shoe® kit equipped with our plug-play PBB interface electronics, primarily Backup to the auto level, protect & prevent damage to the aircraft door should the auto level fail, or due to aircraft loading/unloading (teeter/totter) to safely sense and automatically lower PBB cab
  • JetBridge Crosshair Alignment Device℗™ PBB Laser Alignment Device visually help operator level and align the PBB to aircraft door for a safer, faster passenger deplane
  • Aircraft PC Air Hoses and adapters
  • Aircraft 400 Hz replacement parts
  • Ground Power Units (GPU) (FCX)
  • Airfield Lighting Control Systems (ALCS), including those using power-carrier communications for individual lighting control and Surface Movement Guidance Control (SMGC). (Crouse-Hinds, Safegate, Thorn, Idman)
  • Airfield Taxiway-Runway Signage, Visual Navigation Aid (VNA)
  • In-Line Baggage Conveyors for Airports, Seaports & other industries including replacement Parts
  • Airport/Aircraft Potable Water Cabinets
  • Remote hand-held Cabled Emergency-Stop & Dead-Man Switch cabled assemblies, custom length & cable types with/reels
  • Tow-bars for Aircraft Push-back
  • Pre-conditioned Air (PCA), Ducting Including replacement Parts (FCX & Verde)
  • PCA Reels equipped with A.C.E.S., Inc. engineered controller kit
  • Stainless Steel Trolleys for PCA hose
  • FCX Ground-Power Units (GPU) 400Hz including replacement Parts
  • Ramp area Equipment.
  • Southwest Microwave Security Products, Airfield Stop-Bars, Airfield/Taxiway Incursion prevention Stop-Bars